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CCTV: Security Camera Solution
The Digital Surveillance Specialists! " Yes, we can help you " Read on to find out how!

Kabul Tech IT & Web Solution is owned and operated business, providing electronic protection solutions to its clients throughout the country. We specialise in CCTV only providing well-known and well-supported CCTV products and services such as Sony, Pelco, Panasonic, Ikegami and other brands to the marketplace. We are able to provide service and support on a national basis with our In House team based in Kabul. These agents are controlled from a single point of contact in Kabul which, experience shows, provides many benefits to our clients and customers.

Why Specialist?

At Kabul Tech IT & Web Solutions we believe that it is important to provide specialist skills and knowledge in every field of security. This is why we have chosen to provide a separate CCTV service to our customers.


Our team of professionals will provide you with the best advice available and select only the most appropriate equipment for your application.


Ensuring that your CCTV system operates as a profit centre for your business is foremost in our mind. Therefore our team will design a system that provides you and your business with the benefits you need to enhance your profits while protecting you against loss and potential loss.


Each component of any Security / Loss Prevention System is to be treated as a separate, specialised entity. The reasons for this have proved themselves time and again because in most instances CCTV is seen as the add-on product to the alarm and inevitably that is exactly how problems begin, with poor and sometimes totally unusable evidence being extracted from the recording system. This in turn is usually a result of a lack of expertise.


It should also be remembered that the vast majority of retail crime occurs during business hours and as such it will be the CCTV system that will provide the most benefits to the end user.


Kabul Tech offers a complete line of quality CCTV cameras and security cameras for surveillance systems. If you have any questions about which of our CCTV cameras or surveillance systems is right for you, please Contact Us.

Benefits Of CCTV Cameras

CCTV stands for closed circuit television. The rise of CCTV camera use over the last decade has been substantial. Now it is not uncommon to see cameras or the signs indicating there are cameras present in all public buildings and offices as well as on the street. There are a large number of benefits of using CCTV cameras:


  • 1. You can control who is entering your premises as well as when and where.

  • 2. You can secure certain sectors of a building using your access control system.

  • 3. The advantages of CCTV cameras are that they are kept everywhere. So if a crime is committed the culprit will be eventually caught.

  • 4. They are a very useful security asset and can be a big help in the fight against crime.

We supply complete CCTV Security Camera Systems along with a wide range of spy and wireless cameras.

CCTV allows you watch over your site and record intruder activity for evidence. However it is essential to have a suitable system meeting the appropriate standards to ensure its effectiveness to do the job you want We can offer you a CCTV system that be large enough to cover a commercial site both externally and internally, recording during both the day and night, or a small CCTV system to protect the counter area of your business.