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Networking Infrastructure and Networking Solutions

As your business grows rapidly, having a robust, flexible, and scalable network infrastructure is imperative. Technological developments and multiple choices have made IT-related decisions simply 'complex'. Today, building a reliable, scalable and cost-effective converged network infrastructure involves the integration of multi-vendor solutions, products and technologies. At Kabul Tech, our approach to building a network involves assessment of the current infrastructure, understanding the customer's unique requirements, designing an optimal solution and finally deploying it.

Networking Infrastructure and Networking Solutions

Kabul Tech IT offers a variety of IT solutions and managed services across a range of industries. Our infrastructure and IT services offering services which can assist organisations from owner/operators through to medium - large enterprises. If you're looking to virtualise your environment, audit your network security, redesign your IT infrastructure or purchase hardware or software, Kabul Tech IT & Web Solution can help you.

We offer a comprehensive range of IT services - from systems architecture and design through to procurement, implementation and ongoing IT support. Our focus is on delivering professional services that help you:

✦ Maximise return on investment
✦ Provide competitive advantage
✦ Network and storage design services
✦ Security reviews and recommendations
✦ Infrastructure management and design
✦ Accelerate time-to-value of systems and solutions


Managed Services offerings, including IT infrastructure monitoring, IT support (24 x 7 helpdesk) and security management.

What Are the Benefits of Networking?

Question: What Are the Benefits of Networking?
Answer: The benefits of networking (either wired or wireless) in home / Office are:


  1. file sharing

  2. multi-player games

  3. home entertainment

  4. Internet telephone service

  5. printer / peripheral sharing

  6. Internet connection sharing

Wireless Networking Solutions

Wireless solutions provide full-duplex wireless connectivity at variable distances from less than 1 mile to as far as 40 miles away. They are ideal alternatives to multiple E1/T1s or fiber-optic cables and can be used to extend or provide redundancy to existing fiber networks. Because they are wireless and license-free, WANs eliminate wire/fiber installation costs and recurring monthly fees - delivering carrier-class performance quickly, at a fraction of the cost of wired connections.