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Domain Name Registration
We do Register top level domains " .com / .org / .net / .tv / .us / .uk / .pk "

We also Register Afghani Domain names " .af - - - - - "

Domain names are valuable company assets. As top-level domain names become more scarce, that value will continue to increase. Yet some companies have unknowingly given away almost all the control of their domain names to their web page host, Internet service provider or web page designer.

What should you do?

If you have a Domain Name that you believe to be owned and controlled by your company, you should check to see how that domain name is registered. If you do not have a copy of the original paperwork sent out by Domain registrar comapny, you should get a copy from either the Technical Contact, the Administrative Contact.


When you get the results, print and/or save them with your domain name records. Sometimes you will need to go to the registrar's website if the detailed information is only available from the registrar. Most major registrars will have a "WhoIs" link or search box somewhere on their website.


How Domain Name Registration Works

First, though, it's important to understand the role a domain registrar plays. How it works is that you pay for your own domain name. The registrar then "holds" the domain name for you. You then assign what are known as DNS numbers to the particular domain name (these DNS numbers are provided by your web host - a web host is where your actual web site is stored). These DNS numbers point the way to where your actual web site is located - and are used throughout the entire Internet to locate your site. If the DNS numbers are incorrect or something else doesn't work, your site cannot be found - even by typing in the domain name of your site.


So why do you need DNS numbers to point the way to your actual web site? The reason is because the Internet locates web sites by IP addresses (or the DNS number) and not by actual domain names. Thus, when you type in, say, into the address bar of a browser, a very quick lookup is then launched behind the scenes that finds what DNS numbers that is associated with. This is done because it is far easier for users to locate web sites by domain names ( instead of DNS numbers (which is what the computers use).


Thus, any problem with the DNS numbers will lead to a web site that cannot be found by anyone - including you! As such, registering a domain name with a company that will not mess things up is crucial. If they mess up the DNS numbers or something else related to it, your web site is essentially out of business.

What are our Features?

  • 1. Kabul Tech IT & Web Solution can handle even the most demanding bandwidth and performance requirements. Along with being a Domain name Register we also provide web hosting, web development and other IT solution.



  • 2. Registering a Domain name has never been this convenient as we provide 24/7 customer support, technical support and phone support.



3. We also help you to transfer Domain names that you might have registered with another Domain name register.



4. We also provide renewal facilities for Domain names that are already registered with us or if they are with another service provider we will transfer it on your behalf and renew it.

How To Choose Domain Name !

Choosing a domain name is very important for any business as it represents the business online. With the growing use of web as medium of trade and business, it has become even more important to choose the right domain name. There are number of things one has to consider before finalising a domain name to register for their business which you could google for that.